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August 18, 2015

GODOF to set up hospitals across metros cities of India

Aims to bring 50 hospitals under its belt by the end of 2015

GODOF will launch its hospital chain in India. Valued over $2 billion, GODOF will set up hospitals in the metros and a few other cities under its belt in the next few months, which will have the capacity of 50 to 500 beds.

Pankaj Gupta, Founder, GODOF says, “The main objective of these hospitals is to bring affordability into healthcare without any extra undisclosed cost. We are aiming to bring a transparent, never before world class chain of hospitals which shall soon mark its impressions on the world map.”

GODOF aims to bring 50 hospitals under its belt by the end of 2015, the work on which has already started. These hospitals are in different areas of the country and shall be soon available for everyone as first affordable quality hospital chain of the country.

In India GODOF has partnered with various companies such as Uber, Zo Rooms etc. GODOF has also opened more than 60,000 information centres in about 500 cities of India educating people about the need of healthcare and affordable way through GODOF for all their health needs.