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September 21, 2015

GODOF Hospitals  to Offer Free Medicines for Patients

Published on: September 21, 2015-With the launch of hospitals in different parts of the country, GODOF is all set to offer an added advantage of free medicines. GODOF made its impact on 12 million people so far with its aim to build the entire globe in a ‘standardized world class healthcare system’.

The aim of GODOF is to make healthcare transparent, accessible and affordable. With over 100000 medical centre points empanelled, it has penetrated deep into the country thru its 60,000 retail service outlets. GODOF has been valued at USD 2 billion by various investment companies but so far founders are quiet on this issue.

Spokeperson GODOF Sheetal Kapoor said that “We plan to cover the entire nation under ‘One Umbrella’. The way we are operating right now, GODOF is bound to grow at least ten folds in next 2 years.”

With GODOF now launching 50 affordable hospitals under its belt, medicines shall also be given free for its patients. The facilities at these hospitals will range from cosmetic surgery, dental, vascular, diabetes, ENT, eyes, fertility, gastrology, gynaecology, joint and knee replacement, nephrology, neurology, nuclear medicine, orthopaedics, paediatrics, physiotherapy etc. These hospitals will also have 24×7 Blood bank, diagnostics, intensive care units, emergency, and the like.

Along with free medicines in these 50 affordable hospitals, free pick and drops shall be provided to patients for OPD/IPD along with free accommodation, if needed for intercity patients.

GODOF with its presence in each and every city of India provides availability of tests and transparency in their rates. So far, even Google does not provide any such details.

GODOF is one of the few companies already in positive cash flow. This is amongst the scenario where all big e commerce companies are surviving only because of their deep-pockets and funds. It will be interesting to see how long this trend of burning hole in the pocket continues.